Gravel Doctor® Testimonials

Driveway Repair Made Easy with The Gravel Doctor®

Gravel Doctor® Business & Residential Testimonials

“I have no hesitation in recommending your services to other interested parties” Alex Wheeler – RER Officer CANADIAN COAST GUARD

“The Gravel Doctor’s method of eliminating potholes & leveling the yard so that proper drainage is provided is cost effective”
Tony Caradonna – remanufacturing mgr COCA COLA

“The (Gravel Doctor) process surpasses the grader method in length of time before recontitioning (is required). Roger Ferguson – UTS111 ONTARIO HYDRO

“After viewing the (Gravel Doctor) machine in action I was amazed at the capabilities of this piece of equipment”.
Graham Roe – Site Services Supervisor BAYER

Your process seems to be a cost effective & environmentally way to maintain the appearances of our properties. We look forward to extending your service to our other locations”.
Randy Gartly – Area Coordinator SUN CANADIAN PIPELINE

“The Gravel Doctor process efficiently reuses existing granular material with resulting cost savings.(The) Finished work often looks better than original construction”.
Dave Cramm- Mgr, Landscape Architect ST. CLAIR PARKWAY COMMISSION

Corporate Testimonials Available

  • Canadian Coast Guard
  • Ontario Hydro
  • Ontario Power Generation
  • Coca Cola
  • Sun Canadian Pipeline
  • Bayer Corporation
  • TSC Stores
  • Russell Tool and Die
  • R.S.Air Services – Airways Freight
  • Rockwell International
  • Pride Seeds
  • Waltec
  • St.Clair Parkway Commission



Google Reviews:

PRIDE ( Seed Division)

“Thanks to your innovative solution, our major water problem has been corrected” J.P.Raymond – Plant Mgr


“We look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship”
Fidel Abdo – Director of Purchasing


“This is truly a great system at a reasonable price”.
Mike Showers Sr – Global Operations Mgr


“The system was very cost effective for Waltec & saved several hundred dollars each year in gravel maintenance.
James L. Forgie, P. Eng., Pres. Waltec


“A persistent problem with large potholes was eliminated by the unique process & the area being repaired is not out of service”.
Joe Rudakas – Industrial Engineering Technologist


“ The best part is the cost” Paul Coatsworth – Purchaser


“Since we have been using the Gravel Doctor we have not had to add any extra gravel”. Bruce Hill – Purchasing Supervisor


The renovation of our gravel parking lots are done high quality standard for a reasonable cost”.
Dan Gutteridge General Mgr, – Dir. Of Parks & Property

Gravel Driveway Services Brantford

Drop us a line anytime, Gravel Driveway Services Brantford. Fully restores, compacts and smoothes driveways, roadways, and parking lots. Potholes and ruts are completely eliminated. Brantford, Kitchener, Cambridge, Guelph, Hamilton, Burlington, Woodstock.